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529 Plan Contributions

Once you've enrolled in Future Scholar, it's easy to make a contribution. Anyone, including parents, grandparents, other family and friends, can contribute until the balance reaches $400,000.1

Automatic Contributions

Make saving for college even easier with automatic electronic investments into an existing Future Scholar account.

Automatic Contribution Plan

Select an investment amount and we'll debit your bank account on file and make the investments based on your preferences. Your contributions can be made bimonthly, monthly or quarterly on any day of the month you choose.

Electronic Bank Transfer (EBT)

EBT allows you the flexibility to make transfers from your bank account to your Future Scholar account at your convenience, without a set schedule.

1Account balances can grow beyond the maximum limit as established by the South Carolina Office of State Treasurer. However, once the market value reaches the maximum limit, contributions are no longer permitted. The maximum account balance is subject to change.

Please remember there’s always the potential of losing money when investing in securities.

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing in the Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan. Contact your financial advisor or visit futurescholar.com for a Program Description pdf, which contains this and other important information. Read it carefully before investing. You should also consider, before investing, whether the investor's or designated beneficiary's home state offers any state tax or other benefits that are only available for investments in such state's qualified tuition program.

Tax treatment varies by state. The tax information set forth on this website is general in nature and does not constitute tax advice on the part of Columbia Management Investment Distributors, Inc., its affiliates or the South Carolina Office of State Treasurer. Please contact your tax advisor before making any tax related decisions.

The Direct Plan is sold directly by the Program and is limited to a specific group of investors, as described in the Program Description pdf. You may also participate in the Advisor Plan, which is sold exclusively through financial advisors. The Advisor Plan offers additional investment choices, but the fees and expenses are higher. Please contact your financial advisor for additional information on the Advisor Plan.

The Office of State Treasurer of South Carolina (the State Treasurer) administers the Program and has selected Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC and Columbia Management Investment Distributors, Inc. (Columbia Management) as Program Manager. Columbia Management and its affiliates are responsible for providing certain administrative, recordkeeping and investment services, and for the marketing of the Program. Columbia Management is not affiliated with the State Treasurer.


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