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It’s never too early to start saving for your child’s future. For a child born today to attend a public university in 18 years, it can cost as much as $236,770, and almost twice that amount for a private school.1

Opening your child's first account:

It's always an exciting moment in the life of a new parent to open his or her child's first savings account. Take an important first step in your child's future by having that account be a Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan.

  • No minimum contribution is required to enroll in Future Scholar
  • Optional automatic contributions make saving easier
  • Anyone can contribute to your child’s account

Now when family and friends ask what they should get your child for his or her birthday or for the holidays, you can tell them about your child's Future Scholar account.

Future Scholar also gives you:
  • Tax-free growth of your college savings
  • Complete control over account assets and distributions, even after your child turns 18
  • Low impact on financial aid
  • No income or age limits
  • High contribution limits

Get started saving with Future Scholar. No minimum investment is required to enroll.

Resources and information:

1 Source: World's Simplest College Savings Calculator on futurescholar.com, as of July 2015. Assumes a 5% rate of inflation.

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